About The English Oak
Give your external facade a facelift

A prominent name of compact laminate market in Asia and leader in decorative exterior grade panels with the highest product range to offer. It is the execution of ideas, thought induced innovation with indulgence of men, minds and material of highest order. Since the birth of the organization, 'The English Oak' has integrated with architects, designers over the globe, distributors and end product users with focus on product development, quality management that delivers intellectual solutions.

Our product is the execution represented by craftsmanship that came to life after pooling of ideas, skills, design and expertise of highest order. We aim to nurture the outward experience to the inner core. Available in 6mm, The English Oak boasts the widest range of innovative designs, exclusive array of textures, and special value adds like solids, glossy, grainy, textured etc. Additionally, we manufacture special sizes in compact exterior grade laminates like 8' x 4' and 10' x 4.25' that suite to various exterior design needs. These sizes ensure that there is no wastage in application and use as these have been brought into life after various market analysis as well as architect reviews.

What's left to say about our quality?

Here at English oak we are particularly sensitive regarding quality concept, as we are aware of how demanding our clients are and above all we understand that quality is an intrinsic part of the product as well as the service we offer.
We are a family of more than 700 associate members who thrive to deliver and achieve the foresaid quality. The English oak is proud to stand for sustainability where creative brains are setting benchmark for rest of the world.